Maine Students Choose Biden for President in Mock Election


Banners on the Front of a House off Washington Avenue on the Hill.

Numerous Black and White Signs, Some with Messages on Them, and Mostly Blank, Were Seen at Lincoln Park Today.

Students from 92 schools chose Democratic nominee Joe Biden in the US presidential race, in student mock election results tallied Wednesday in Augusta.

The voting has been underway at Maine schools since mid-October, for the offices of US President, US Representative and US Senate.

Chellie Pingree (D) won the student vote for the District 1, US Representative to Congress and Jared Golden (D) won for District 2, US Representative to Congress.

Students chose Sara Gideon (D) for the US Senate race.

“The mock election is a great opportunity for students to learn about democracy and feel prepared to experience their right to vote in a few years,” said Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap.  “It’s an important introduction to the process.”

Due to pandemic gathering restrictions, the mock election in-person “Rally and Tally” event was canceled this year.