Maine Senate Passes Bill Addressing High Price of Drug Costs


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Today the Maine Senate unanimously passed a package of bills intended to address the high cost of prescription drugs.

There are four bills in the package and they are as follows:  LD 1499 An Act to Establish the Maine Prescription Drug Affordable Board; 2. LD 1504, An Act to Protect Consumers from Unfair Practices Related to Pharmacy Benefits Management; 3. LD 162, An Act to Further Ex;and Drug Price Transparency; 4. LD 1271, An Act to Increase Access to Low-Cost Prescription Drugs. (Wholesale importation from Canada).

“Three out of four surveyed voters in Maine are concerned about the costs of prescription drugs, including 55% who are very or somewhat concerned,” according to Critical Insights, a local research company.  Concerns about these issues are particularly high in the second district.

Ann Woloson, Executive Director of Consumers for Affordable Health Care,  hailed the Senate vote saying:

“We are thrilled the Maine Senate passed this important package of bills.  Collectively, they give Maine people and policy makers a variety of powerful tools to help understand why drug prices are increasing and to bring down the soaring costs of lifesaving medicine.”

She added:  “Maine people are concerned about the high cost of prescription drugs, with 2 out of three worried about not being able to afford the prescription drugs or medicine they need.”  Please email her at: for more information.

The package of bills will go to the House next for its vote.