Maine Brewers’ Guild Fundraiser Features “Collab” Brew


A Collaborative Beer 2020, an IPA,  is the Fundraiser to Benefit the Maine Brewer’s Guild, a non-Profit, That Provides Vital Support to Maine’s Many Breweries.

Lisa Kellndorfer, Lead Brewer at Austin Street Brewery,  Emily and Jason Gass Visiting from Washington, Stay Warm and Cozy Over a Propane Fire, This Afternoon.  There was no Wind, the Sun was Out and it was Very Pleasant.

The Logo for Austin Street Brewery on the Facade of the Building , Fox Street, Portland.   Jake Austin and Will Fisher are co-founders of the Popular Beer.

Thirty-nine (39) brewers across Maine have banded together in support of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, a non-profit, that supports its industry members in numerous ways.  Because of the pandemic, the Guild’s  outreach has been canceled –  making its opportunities to fund raise negligible.

It was Jake Austin, a co-founder of Austin Street Brewery, Fox Street, who developed the recipe for the new beer.  Each of the thirty-nine breweries is brewing its own batches to sell for the fundraiser.  At Austin Street Brewery, 3,144 cans of “Collab” have been produced according to Lisa Kellndorfer, lead brewer, there.  A four-pack of sixteen ounce cans costs $16.00 plus tax according to Erin O’Toole, tasting room associate, this afternoon.  “Collab” went on sale on November 6th and sales have been brisk since then.

The work of the Maine Brewer’s Guild is vital to the sustainability of the brewery industry in Maine.  It provides networking opportunities, opportunities to learn from the experts in the industry and a chance to share experiences with friends.

“The shutdown of tasting rooms and bars has made breweries package more in cans to get their product out.  That’s where a shortage of cans comes from,” said Lisa Kellndorfer.  “There has been a steady increase in the number of cans needed over the past eight (8) months.  Manufacturers have not been able to meet the demand.  The price of canned beer could go up sometime in the future.  We aren’t there yet though.”

“I think people will be really surprised to see just how different a beer with a single recipe can taste while all breweries are using this same recipe.  The differences in base malt and yeast will impact new flavors to each beer.  So it’s worth trying to find the beers from different breweries and tasting them side-by-side,” suggested Sean Sullivan, executive director of the Maine Brewers’ Guild.

Orono’s Brewing Company recipe can be found in some Portland shops according to Sullivan.

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