Long-Awaited LOWER Drug Prices Coming to Mainers !


Governor Janet T. Mills, Addresses the Crowd Yesterday Afternoon at a Bicentennial Launch, Portland.

Commissioner of the Maine DHHS, Jeanne Lambrew,  in Portland Recently.

FINALLY, FINALLY,  there is some good news from the Trump Administration for others than the 1 percent who are his preferred beneficiaries.

Yesterday morning Health & Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, in the Trump Administration announced that a system allowing Americans to legally access low-cost prescription drugs from outside the US – Canada in particular – is in the works.

Patients will be able to import medications safely and effectively.  The burden is on the states, pharmacies and distributors to come up with a plan that follows federal safety guidelines and present it to the FDA said Alex Azar.

“The State of Maine has long led the fight to lower the exorbitant prices of prescription drugs and I am proud of the progress my Administration and the Legislature has made to address this critical issue,” wrote Governor Mills in a press release issued today.

“For too long, we have had to fight the federal government tooth and nail on the issue of safe importation of quality medication – and often unsuccessfully so – which is why I am glad to see the Administration take a positive step in a new direction today.  This morning I spoke with Secretary of Human & Health Services Alex Azar and told him that the Maine Department of Health & Human Services stands ready to review, shape and take advantage of the new rule.

No Maine person should have to choose between their health and other necessities like food, fuel or housing.  With the package of prescription drug reform, bills I signed into law last month and make this proposed change in federal policy, we can make progress in ensuring that Maine people have access to affordable medications,”  the Governor concluded.

Please see background information herein dated June 24, 2019.