Local Bookstores Gear up For Big Release Tomorrow of FEAR by Woodward


Sherman’s, Exchange Street, Has a Good Supply of FEAR, by Woodward.

Longfellow Books, Monument Way, Believes it Has Enough Books to Meet the Demand.

Two local book stores, “Longfellow Books,” and “Sherman’s” are geared up for what will be a busy day in their stores tomorrow.  September 11 – a memorable date for another reason – is the day that FEAR:  Trump in the White House, by bestselling writer Bob Woodward will be available for sale.

A staff member at Sherman’s said they’ve had numerous inquiries about the blockbuster book.  A few are reserved for customers.  A shipment of 30 books will be available tomorrow.  LIkewise, Longfellow Books, Monument Way has reserved about 30 copies of the book for people who have requested that.  Longfellow will have a sufficient supply to meet its customers tomorrow, although they would not say how many that is.

Bob Woodward, who with Carl Bernstein, helped to bring down President Richard Nixon is creditable beyond belief although Mr. Trump has begun a campaign against him that has no creditable.  “From beginning to end, Woodward treats us to a portrait of an occupant of the Oval Office  that ‘sucks the life out of his subordinates,'” according to the US Edition of THE GUARDIAN.