Killer of George Floyd Arrested and Taken into Custody Today; Rally at Monument Square Today.


Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney, Announced Details of Former Police Officers Arrest.

White Police Officer, Derek Chauvin,  Arrested and Jailed Today for Death of George Floyd.

Vice President Joe Biden, a Candidate for President, Made a Statement Early This Afternoon.

Finally, the white Minneapolis police officer seen in a video as the killer of the black George Floyd was arrested and taken into custody this afternoon. He was charged with third degree murder and manslaughter according to Mike Freeman, Hennepin County Attorney. at a press conference.  “This is the fastest we’ve ever charged a police officer,” said Freeman.  He went on to say that although the killer might not have intended to murder Floyd, he did show “disregard for human life” – resulting in his death.

Attorney Freeman suggested there will be charges for the three other officers, although he would not go into detail yet.

Presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke to the nation urging us to stand up to this outrageous behavior.  “We are complicit by not standing up….it’s the duty of everyone to stand up.”  Without naming Trumpy, he was critical of his failure to lead the nation during this time of national crises. Meanwhile, Trumpy has tweeted that “looters should be shot” and that the “protestors are thugs.”

The Portland Police Department has issued a statement saying in part:  “The Portland Police Department’s values are integrity, leadership and service.  These values guide us well as we go about our mission of working in partnership with the community to prevent and reduce crime, protect life and property and help resolve neighborhood problems while protecting the constitutional rights of all………” Our hearts go out to George Floyd’s family and friends, and we, like many, are waiting answers and justice.”

Some are of the opinion that Trumpy wants to incite riots by his rhetoric so that he can call for marital law and control law enforcement in the country.  Do you agree?

A No Justice No Peace ! Rally has been scheduled for this afternoon, at Monument Square, Portland at 3:00 pm.  Participants are asked to dress in black and wear face masks as well.