Mills Announces Endorsement from Former Governor Joe Brennan; Responds to Cote Misleading TV Ads


AG Janet Mills is the Frontrunner in the Democratic Primary June 12th.

Today, the Janet Mills for Governor campaign announced the biggest endorsement to date in the Democratic primary:  Former attorney general and Governor, Joe Brennan.  Brennan grew up on Munjoy HIll and is currently retired on the Hill.

“I am honored today to endorse attorney general Janet Mills for Governor of Maine.  I know firsthand that serving as attorney general is the best possible preparation for being Governor and Janet Mills will hit the ground running,” said Brennan.  “On scores of issues, Janet has passed key legislation or won lawsuits to protect the vulnerable and temper the powerful.  She’s taken on Donald Trump, Paul LePage, Wall Street, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco – and won.  A lifelong Democrat, a founder of the Maine Women’s Lobby, a person known and respected in all corners of Maine, Janet Mills will lead Maine with character, compassion and dignity.

Mills said she was deeply honored to receive Governor Brennan’s support.  “As governor, Joe Brennan was a strong voice for environmental protection, a staunch opponent of discrimination and hatred and a powerful ally to Maine families and working people,” said Mills.  “I’m humbled to have his endorsement.

The Mills campaign also announced endorsements of more than seventy (70) current and former state legislators from across Maine.  Former state senator and resident of Munjoy  Hill, Anne Rand, was one of those included in the seventy according to a press release issued by her campaign manager Michael Ambler.

Former Governor Joe Brennan can often be seen walking along the Eastern Promenade near his home on the Hill.

In a second press release issued yesterday, May 31st. Mills wrote:  “As the first candidate to launch negative television in the campaign, Adam Cote is trying to hide his conservative record by misleading voters.

Cote, who registered as a Republican in 2000, claims to be a “lifelong Democrat.”  But contrary to Cote’s mission, he remained a Republican through 2006, while making contributions to anti-choice, anti-union Republican candidates including Chandler Woodcock’s 2006 gubernatorial campaign.

It wasn’t until he saw an opportunity to run for Congress that Cote decided to switch parties. In fact, during Cote’s 2008 Congressional  campaign against Chellie Pingree, he continued to take Republican stances – which is why his campaign was funded largely by Republican donors and PACs, including BIPAC, an anti-union PAC representing companies including Halliburton and EXXON-Mobil.

Ultimately, Democratic primary voters soundly rejected Cote and his Republican backers.

“Adam Cote is trying to obscure his record, but voters won’t be mislead,” said Michael Ambler, Mill’s campaign manager.  “Cote’s long history of voting for Republicans echoing Republican talking points and taking money from out-of-state Republican donors raises serious questions about his attempt to portray himself as a lifelong champion of progressive values.”