ICE Office at One City Center to Contain Nefarious Facilities


Adam Rice, a Community Activist, at the Monument Square Protest Today.

It’s Good in Gin & Tonics!

This Local Attorney Whose Name I can’t Recall, is not an ICE Supporter!

Protesters to ICE Moving into One City Center, 4th, Were Not Shy With Their Views.

The General Services Administration (GSA) has leased space at One City Center for some of its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) employees, although the majority of its ICE employees will remain in its large South Portland office (near the Maine Mall) according to a person with knowledge of the matter.

Many at the Protest were unaware and stunned that ICE has an office in South Portland.

This new space, on the 4th floor,  will be used for “investigations” – including interrogations.  Even if the new space is not used for deportations out of the country, the vile reputation of ICE has so inflamed the public that its mere presence here is enough to mobilize Portlanders to assemble for a masse protest.  The Trump administration’s animosity against immigrants exacerbates the situation as well.  Most in the area want to see Trump impeached and out of office ASAP before he does any more damage to domestic policies as well as our foreign policies.

That and the reputation of ICE helped to bring out a massive crowd to Monument Square at noon time to protest this news.  Chants and signs in protest overtook the area with honking horns in concert with the protest creating an unusually noisy section of Congress Street.

According to another source, the newly leased space One City Center will contain a private staircase and interrogation rooms.  The facility will be bullet proof which is a prerequisite for Homeland Security facilities it is believed.

“We need to stop calling immigrants “illegals.”  Asylum claims are legal; this is the definition of  hypocrisy. ICE is the one denying rights and violating the law.  We need to support our neighbors and love more,” said Adam Rice, community activist.  (See top left photo).