Hundreds Protest Trump’s Policies; Candidate Ringelstein Agrees !


“Make America Safe Again” was the Wording on Mike Luce’s Sign; Put Trump Behind Bars! Amen!

Sign Held by Forrest Genthner, a Seminary Student, at the Protest.

Zak Ringelstein, (D) Candidate for Sen. Angus King’s Independent US Senate Seat, at the Protest With His Wife Leah and Their Two Young Sons.

Lucy Sullivan and Karen Young Object to Trump’s Policies This Noon Across from Collins’ Portland office.

Over two hundred people protesting Trump’s policy on the southern border sang songs, listened to speakers and held signs objecting to  Sadistic Trump policies that separate children from their mothers in down town Portland today.

The New York Times reported today, June 25, 2018 that over the weekend Trump exacerbated the immigration situation by proclaiming that “those who cross into the United States illegaly should be sent back immediately without due process or an appearance before a judge.”  It was the latest in a series of attacks on immigrants who pass through the southern border illegally.  And his scare tactics have outraged so many people; perhaps his Achilles heel.

Just out of a stay in jail of almost twenty-four (24) hours,  Zak Ringelstein attended the noon protest in Lobsterman Park.  On Friday Zak and his campaign tried to deliver toys, blankets, food  and more to McAllen, Texas – a  detention center for children.  He also asked how the families would be united.  No one would answer any of his requests.  “I refused to leave the detention center.  A van full of kids drove up and the driver we met said:  “We need to get the prisoners inside.”

Zak was handcuffed and taken to jail – where he remained for almost 24 hours.  That was all on this past Friday.  Just three days ago.

He went on to say that “we need to keep the pressure on politicians.  Trump is taking away a lot of things we cherish in this country.”

Following the hour-long protest at Lobsterman Park, protestors starting going up to Senator Collins (R) nearby 8th floor office to tell her staff person Kate Simson, of their concerns about this Trump administration.

This blogger joined one group.  Simson was clearly nervous at my presence and immediately upon seeing me asked me to leave Collins’ office because I’m a reporter.  I didn’t leave.  I had a question to ask her and a concern to tell Simson about. Voters came in and voters left. They expressed concern about human rights abuses, the process for asylum seekers, concern over reports of drugging children and more.  She listened, jotted down some notes and sometimes responded.  “They are amazing teammates down there.  They work well together,” Simson said of Senators’ Collins and King.  This blogger does not think that “teammates” are what we need these days representing Maine.  This blogger believes that we desperately need Zak Ringelstein, Democratic Nominee for US Senate, to replace the passionless Senator Angus King (I).

To me, a blogger and not a reporter, Simson started up again:  “This is a private conversation I am having.  I am not the Senator’s spokesperson.  I don’t give you permission to record my words.”  I responded that I did not need her permission to record her words. Then she left saying I was disrespectful!