How Low Will Collins Go?


Senator Collins: “Start Putting …..Mainers Ahead of …Special Interest Supporters.”

Katie Simpson, Office Manager for Senator Collins in Portland, at a Recent Rally of Protestors Opposed to  Storing Children in Cages on the Southern Border.  Simpson Had no Answers on Any Subject for Voters.

Many in the Portland area who follow politics closely are aware of it and talking about it. (Not the weather though). But it’s worth repeating.

Morning Consult, an on-line tracking service, reports that Senator Susan Collins (R), a Trump supporter, is in a downward spiral for her re-election next year.  Forty-five percent of Mainers approve of Collins and 48 percent disapprove.  Her approval rating dropped 16 points from the first quarter of 2019.

Her biggest mistake for Maine voters was her support for Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court.   Immediately following her vote an online fundraiser supported by Maine progressives crashed because of the heavy traffic it experienced.  The progressives have gathered over $4 million for the candidate who opposes Collins.

Collins faces a formidable challenge from State House Speaker Sara Gideon.  This blogger has been extremely impressed with her legislative agenda since taking on this role in the Mills administration.

At a recent rally outside Collins’ downtown Portland office, many opposed to storing children in cages at the southern boarder  wondered where Collins’ stood on that issue.  Many questions were asked by the protestors, but no answers were forthcoming from Simpson.  “This is a constitutent services office, not a public policy office,” she said.  Dumbo answer.

Especially striking for was the following omission by Collins.  Last month the city of Portland called a public meeting at Merrill Auditorium rehearsal hall  to discuss the situation at the Portland Expo for the newly arrived asylum seekers.  Collins was a ‘no – show’ although Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (D) and Governor Mills both attended.  Simpson attended rather than Collins and when invited to speak, had nothing to say.  What message does that send to the residents of Portland?

But what is really astonishing, is that the only person in the Senate less popular than Collins is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) Kentucky.  Yes that’s correct!  That’s getting close to the bottom.

Will she beat out that low and go lower?  Stay tuned.

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