Governor Strengthens Enforcement of Face Coverings Requirement Today


Three Amigos at EVO Food Truck  on Portland Waterfront Bar Wear Face Masks.  (See Post Dated July 7, 2020 for More On This).

Deborah Hamilton Wears Face Mask in Support of the Arrest of Derek Chauvin for the Killing of Derek Floyd.

Governor Mills today issued an executive order requiring large retail businesses, restaurants, outdoor bars, tasting rooms and lodging establishments in Maine’s more populous cities and coastal counties to enforce the state’s face covering requirement.

The Order says that retail stores with over 50,000 sq. ft. of shopping space……………, located in Cumberland County (and six other counties) shall implement measures requiring customers to wear face coverings according to her Executive Order.  Such measures may, for example, include denial of entry or services.

The Governor has also renewed Maine’s State of Civil Emergency for another thirty (30) days.