Governor Rejects Offshore Drilling Coalition in Letter to Chair

The Ocean from a Park at Bristol, Maine (Near Damariscotta).

The State of Maine will not participate in the Outer Continental Shelf Governors Coalition (OCSGC). In a letter to OCSGC Chair, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, Governor Mills wrote that the organization’s “work promoting the expansion of offshore oil and gas drilling is incompatible with Maine’s interests.” Governor Mills emphasized Maine’s bipartisan opposition to offshore oil and gas drilling and her commitment to instead protecting Maine’s coastline, marine resources and area economy.

“Maine’s renowned coastline, with its clean water, beautiful beaches and abundant Maine resources is a unique asset supporting some of the State’s most important industries, most notably tourism and commercial fisheries,” wrote Governor Mills. “Fifty-four percent of Mainers live in coastal counties and the jobs of many Mainers are directly or indirectly tied to our coastal economy. The 46,000 jobs that Maine’s ocean economy provides would be jeopardized by oil and gas drilling activities off our coast.”

Maine’s Congressional Delegation is also opposed to offshore oil and gas drilling. Similarly, last year the Maine House of Representatives and Senate voted unanimously to pass a joint resolution declaring that oil and gas drilling and exploration off Maine’s coast would endanger commercial fishing jobs and be an ecological and economic disaster for Maine.