Governor Mills Urges Protection of Maine Children with NO Vote on # 1


Governor Janet Mills at a Press Conference in Portland Last Year.

Facts Matter (Rants Don’t)  T-Shirt Inspired by the Lies /Misinformation of  Trump  Has Many Applications in Maine Currently.

“Vaccines save lives, but only if people get vaccinated.  Vaccines are one of the best tools we have to safeguard our children, protect our own health and the health of everyone around us, but a referendum on Maine’s ballot March 3rd would restore, what I consider dangerous vaccine exemptions against the advice of every major medical provider in Maine,” wrote Governor Janet T. Mills, the first women governor in Maine, in a press release issued today.

The Governor continued:  “..our state has a vaccination opt-out rate that is about three times higher than the national average for kids starting in kindergarten.  Our state ranks seventh in the country for the rate of non-medical opt-outs of any school age children.  This is dangerous to kids who have immunity problems and health issues who can’t be vaccinated, but who become ill because of someone else who is not vaccinated.” believes that the facts outlined by the Governor above are not ones about which Mainers should be proud.  Maine has many challenges to overcome. This need not be one of them. The Governor is leading us in the right direction on many issues equipped with the facts available.  She is right on when she urges Maine voters to vote NO on # 1 on March 3rd.

To the contrary, is a recent facebook rant by Gene Snyder, who purchased the Hilltop Superette just over  a year ago.   On it, he tells a tale of his daughter that would need to be fact checked before it has creditability. His daughter is on the verge of being evicted from school for missing a dose of a vaccine of which she is allergic to he says. He continues in a rant that is confusing as well as misleading – all the better to confuse the public.  A strategy used by many when the facts aren’t there.  He has his conservative agenda and he’s not shy about sharing it – even if you just want to buy the Republican Press Herald – and  are not interested in engaging in a Trumpian like political discussion by him.  His facebook rant is an emotional appeal not based on fact urging you to vote yes because of his daughter – a tale that needs to be fact checked by someone with the facts!  Don’t buy Hilltop baloney – it’s far too expensive for everyone!  If you don’t want to vaccinate your children, home school them.

As Governor Mills wrote in her press release:  “Nearly sixty major health care providers across Maine, including the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital have encouraged us to vote NO because they know the measure is dangerous.  Let’s listen to the doctors.  Let’s not go back to a time when polio was so commonplace.”

For more background information, please see a post on the Hilltop Superette written herein dated December 26, 2019.  “Blogger Banned from Hilltop for Being a Racist!”