Governor Mills Unveils Strategic Bond Package Investment Proposals Today


Governor Janet Mills at a Press Conference in Portland Last Year.

The current administration’s 2019 bond package was unveiled today by Governor Janet Mills in Augusta today.  The package is comprised of a series of targeted investments to expand Maine’s economy, build a strong, skilled workforce, repair Maine’s aging infrastructure and usher in clean, renewable energy according to a press release issued by the Governor’s office.

“This bond package proposes reasonable targeted investments to address critical challenges,” said Governor Mills.  “With these investments, Maine will expand broadband to more rural areas, build a more skilled workforce, repair our roads and bridges and welcome clear energy projects to create jobs and fight climate change.  Along with the proposed budget, this investment strategy will tackle our challenges head on, continuing to diversity our economy and make Maine the best place in the nation to live, work and raise a family.”

The investment of $239. M over the next few years tackles Maine’s most pressing issues, such as lack of adequate broadband service and the labor shortage, by proposing funding in four (4) areas: (1) economic development; (2) workforce development; (3) environmental protection and clean energy development;; and (4) rebuild transportation infrastructure.

Under the proposal, the first part of the bond package – $105 million in transportation funding, $65 million in funding for environmental and clean energy, and $20 million in economic development funding is to be put to voters for their approval in November 2019.  The Legislature must consider and approve the bond package prior to voters’ consideration the press release stated.