Governor Mills Signs Executive Order # 1 – To Protect Health Care Coverage as Promised Last Year

Governor Janet T. Mills Signing Executive Order # 1 at Her Office in Augusta

Governor Mills announced today that she signed Executive Order # 1 – a measure to protect health care and coverage as she has promised to do on more than one occasion. She directed the Maine Department of Health & Human Services to swiftly and efficiently begin implementation of Medicaid expansion as passed by Maine voters. The Governor sent a letter to government authorities requesting the formal approval of the State Plan amendments filed by the previous administration amended today.

This legislation is in direct contrast to the reckless behavior of her predecessor, Paul LePage, who refused to implement the will of Maine voters who wanted the governor to expand Medicaid to cover about 70,000 uninsured people.

“More than a year ago the people of Maine voted to expand Medicaid. Today, my Administration is taking the long-awaited steps to fulfill their will,” said Governor Mills. “I am directing my administration to begin implementing medicaid expansion as quickly and as effectively as possible so that we can help more Maine people access the health care they need. Expanding health care and lowering the cost for Maine people nd small businesses is a top priority of my administration and I look forward to working with the Legislature to achieve that goal,” according to a press release issued by her office today.

“I believe in universal health care so anything the Governor can do to expand health coverage is a good thing,” said Phil Cloutier, a Munjoy Hill resident today.

For more information on the subject, please see post herein dated December 31, 2018.