Governor Mills Announces Changes to Several Maine Business Openings


Governor Janet Mills at a Recent COVID-19 Daily Briefing.

Dr. Nirav Shah, Director of the Maine CDC, announced today at his daily briefing that there have been three (3) additional deaths – bringing the total to 73.  The doctor also announced that Bristol Seafood, Portland Fish Pier, is now reporting thirteen (13) confirmed cases of COVID-19; that is 8 more than yesterday.  Cianbro is reporting nineteen (19) confirmed cases at the construction site in Augusta.  An investigation as to whether or not the cases originated with Maine workers or from those from away – such as Wisconsin – is underway.  Anpther investigation is underway to ascertain whether masks were used and other factors that may have contributed to the outbreak at Cianbro.

Not considered  congregate housing because it has apartments, 100 State Street, Portland, is experiencing confirmed cases of COVID-19.  Dr. Shah did not say how many cases have been reported there, but COVID-19 testing is being offered and is available to anyone in the building wanting it.

Governor Janet Mills announced in a press release just prior to the start of the briefing several changes to the previously announced openings for businesses state-wide. First, Maine residents may enjoy campgrounds beginning Memorial Day weekend, rather waiting until June 1st as previously announced.

Second, the Mills Administration is delaying the full reopening of gyms, fitness centers and nail salons in light of emerging research and experience in other states of COVID-19 transmission related to these establishments.

Dr. Shah reported that because of the new agreement with Idexx, the state’s testing capacity is now up to 1,000 tests per day – a significant increase from before the agreement was reached.

Please see post herein dated May 18, 2020 for information on the elimination of prioritization testing now possible by Maine CDC because of the Idexx agreement and another post herein dated May 7, 2020 when the agreement with Idexx was originally announced by Governor Mills.

3 thoughts on “Governor Mills Announces Changes to Several Maine Business Openings

  1. What about people who need physical therapy seriously!! Also certain hospital test that need to be taken that are being postponed due to this virus. If your not careful with some decisions you could end up hurting more people in the process. And don’t say Dr.s make the decision, you people create the guidelines!! Your allowing the some places to open that could spread the virus a lot quicker than others that you make to remain closed till further notice…….

  2. IDEXX is not the only place for testing. Someone is getting paid under the table. I use LabCorps wss without a doctor involved. I test myself go antibody presence every wss weeks and have a nares swab kit for active infection testing if I suspect infection. I am 75 yes old and don’t want to wait around for the governor to catch up with the 21st century. Let’s get with it Maine. The antibody test is $10 and the active infection kit is free for Medicare, who all should be tested without any ‘EXPERT’ advice. WORD.

    • Willis, my understanding is that Idexx is providing the equipment and material to do the testing. However, the actual testing is not being done at the Westbrook Idexx labs. I hope this clears up some misinformation you may have picked up on this matter. Best, Carol

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