Governor-Elect Mills Et Al Welcome Expanded Internet Service & Broadband Infrastructure by Charter Communications

Dana Connors, President, Maine State Chamber of Commerce; Justin Costa, City Councilor; Governor-elect Janet Mills and Adam Falk, Senior Vice President, Charter Communications, Speakers at Sea Bags This Morning.

Governor-elect Janet Mills applauded the expansion of internet service and broadband infrastructure by Charter Communications this morning at Sea Bags Maine on the Portland waterfront. Charter Communications is a division of Spectrum.

She said in part: “The high-speed internet helps industries grow across our economy, it creates new and diverse job opportunities and it improves access to high-quality educational opportunities, regardless of the zip code. Yet while neighboring states have modernized their infrastructure to spur innovation and growth, too many Maine families, Maine small businesses and communities have been left to grapple with slow or even inaccessible internet – and its a constant barrier to success. With the availability of faster internet speeds, especially in rural areas of Maine, we can open the state’s doors to future business investment, expand educational opportunities and attract more people to live and work here. Charter Communications’ investment, which will make high-speed internet available to more than 650,000 homes and businesses across Maine, is a welcome step forward in the direction of improving our broadband infrastructure and strengthing our economy.”

Dana Connors, President, Maine State Chamber of Commerce, likewise was enthusiastic about the expansion plans of Charter Communications. “We work here to make Maine a new place for business. Charter, you’ve just made our job much easier. Charter’s investment in bringing high-speed internet access to nearly 300 Maine communities means thousands of businesses are better able to compete with the biggest economic hubs in the country. Charter’s launching of services like 1-Gig technology is a game changer for businesses already here and Maine’s efforts to make sure talent and employers all over the world know our state is a great place to live, work and do business.” (See above left photo of Dana Connors on far left).

Following the launching, some of the local press and press from ‘The Boston Globe” had many questions for the Governor-elect. Showing her sense of humor, she said she would miss her colleagues in the Attorney General’s Office, but most of all she would miss being called “General Mills” by staff. When asked by “The Globe” her reaction to the news that out-going Governor LePage will leave a note on her pillow at the Blaine House, she laughed and said “I probably won’t sleep in that bed.” She also told the same reporter that LePage has made no effort to meet with her; “I’m available she said.”

NOTE: didn’t see any reporter from the “Portland Press Herald” at the above important press conference on 25 Custom House Wharf, Portland, although I may have been mistaken. Yet, they have ANOTHER story about Senator Susan Collins this evening. While so many Maine residents are still angry about her decision to support Brett Cavanaugh for the Supreme Court and other bad decisions for Mainers, it appears the “Portland Rag” is trying to resusitate her reputation. Why? Setting her up to be the person of the year again and endorse her in her re-election?

It’s unbelievable except it’s the “Portland Press Herald.” So, it’s believable!