Furman Block Marks Addition of Portland Rental Housing


Nathan Szanton, President, of Szanton Co., Welcomed a Sizeable Crowd to a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony This Afternoon at 100 Parris Street.

Greg Mitchell, Director of the Portland Department of Economic Development Points Toward Congress Street Which is Within Walking Distance of the Furman Block.  Behind Mitchell is Batson River Brewing Co.

Ross Y. Furman, the Baron of Bayside, (R) With an Unidentified Person on the Left.

Eliot Hrbek, with his Service Dog, Oliver, Moved in Yesterday.

“”Today marks the end of construction and the beginning of making homes,” said Nathan Szanton, President of Szanton Company, in his remarks to a sizeable crowd under the circumstances  at 100 Parris Street who gathered for the ribbon cutting ceremony.  “We’re delighted to add units of housing at a time when the city has never needed it more.”

“This land was part of Back Cove when the Great Fire of 1866 happened.  The city dumped a huge amount of debris here,” said Szanton.

“All of this was used by the city of Portland for Public Works operations.  It was a gravel lot where large vehicles such as snow plows and dump trucks were parked,” said Greg Mitchell, Director of the Portland Office of Economic Development.    Those vehicles are now located at 212 and 225 Canco Road.  “There is a lot of good stuff going on here.  That includes new residential investment on Parris Street.” The completion of this building is thought to be part of the continued transformation of the Bayside neighborhood into a livable and walkable neighborhood.

“I’m so happy to be in this new building with a view of the park,” said Eliot Hrbek who moved into his one bedroom, fifth floor,  apartment yesterday afternoon.  An Occupancy Permit from the City was approved earlier this week and since then renters have started moving in.

Eight units out of fifty-one are still available according to Dorothy Guindon, property manager at Saco Falls Management, a subsidiary of Szanton Company.   All eight of them are market value. For renters who income is under $42,184., the rent is between $825.00 and $1,087 per month.  Market rate rents range between $1,450. and $1,550. per month.  Parking is not included.

The seven story building in Bayside is named for Ross Y. Furman, a/k/a the Baron of Bayside.  Furman owns the property on which 100 Parris Street is located as well as some of the surrounding properties.  Furman has purchased the first floor commercial space of the building and is looking for a tenant to occupy it.  “I’m still looking,” he said this afternoon.

“This neighborhood has limitless potential.  Stay tuned,” said Szanton.

City Councilor for District 1 Belinda Ray did not attend the ribbon cutting ceremony.