Former Wok-Inn Site Owners Apply for Site Alterations for Future Uses


Portland has received an application for a Level 1-Site Alteration for a portion of the former Wok Inn at 1207 Forest Avenue to be converted into a CBD/hemp oil retail area.  2,000 sq. feet of the front of the 4,290 sq. ft. of the building will be dedicated to the above described area.  The rest of the building is expected to be office space.

Minor modifications to the four curb cuts appear to be the most significant changes sought by the property owners.  The application is also for a change of use permit – to convert from a restaurant to a marijuana store front.

According to a letter dated December 17, 2019 from Northeast Civil Solutions the 2,000 sq. ft. referred to above has “the potential to add retail marijuana in the future.” was unable to connect with the business owners to determine the status  of its application with the state for a permit and related matters.