Forest Avenue Vets’ Staff Acts Irrationally Toward Long Time Client


“Boo” Back Home on Munjoy Hill Following Being Held “Hostage” and used as a “Pawn” at Forest Avenue Vets This Afternoon.  Police Were Called by FAV and Within Moments of Their Arrival, Boo was Released Back to his Owner, This Blogger.

Forest Avenue Vet Hospital, Located at 973 Forest Avenue, Portland, where 14 Year Old Boo was Held Hostage Until the Police Arrived to “Spring” Him from His Captors!

When was the last time that your long-time vet called the Portland Police Department on you?  Not recently?  Not ever? That sounds reasonable.

Well, it happened this afternoon to this blogger.  That was when this blogger tried to pick-up her 14 year old cat, Boo, following routine blood tests for a hyper thyroid condition and  nail clipping procedures following an appointment made earlier this morning.  Let me be clear: There was no dispute over the amount of the bill or of its payment to FAVH – the Vets from Hell!

The Portland Police were called by a staff member of the Forest Avenue Vet, 973 Forest Avenue.  Strangely, the staff never told me why the Police were called. But, It took three (3) officers about 15 minutes or less to extract Boo from the jaws of the irrational staff at FAVH and into the arms of his 13 year owner – – following the payment of the bill as well.

FAV staff had refused to release Boo back to his owner until a “practice manager” appeared on the scene. Who’s that? Upsetting to, staff  would not say when this practice manager was expected to arrive on the scene; minutes, hours or days away. “We don’t know,” was the response from the staff. In the interim, she removed her name tag and tossed it on a counter out of the view of this blogger.  “You don’t need this,” she said before hiding it from this blogger’s view.  When this blogger tried to take her photograph, she tried to grab the camera saying:  “You can’t take my picture.”

Boo was sick (at both ends) on the short car ride home from FAVH back up to Munjoy Hill. Otherwise, he appears to be recovering nicely from his hostile captivity this afternoon at FAVH – the vets from Hell. remains deeply offended by this experience on behalf of Boo, a senior citizen, while she tried to negotiate his release from a hostile environment.

Would you trust the care of your family pet to vets who make such irrational decisions?  Using an innocent pet as a pawn or hostage in some imagined controversy is only one of their irrational decisions.

Alex E. Munroe, DVM, is the vet/owner of Forest Avenue Vet Hospital.