Fore Points Marina Survives Nor’easter Easily


Vanessa Pike, Director of Sales & Marketing at Fore Points With Katherine Meservier, Guest Experience Manager Today

The Jib of One Boat That Had Its Sails Stored on Its Mast During the Storm, Were Destroyed.  In the Background is Portland House on he Eastern Promenade of Munjoy Hill.

A Tree Damaged During the Storm on the Eastern Promenade on Munjoy Hill.

The 92 Ft. Charter Yacht, AUGUST MAVERIK, Docked at Fore Points.

Fore Points Marina, formerly Portland Yacht Services on the Munjoy HIll waterfront, survived the heavy winds from last night with only minor damage – despite the 60 to 70 mph winds in the area.

“I used to promote Portland tourism,  but now I’m promoting boats,” said Vanessa Pike, Director of Sales & Marketing for Fore Points, as we discussed its assets in the attractive, temporary trailer that serves as the office. A new building is under design that will include perks for yacht owners. It’s expected to be completed in time for the 2021 season.

This season was the first for the newly established marina now managed by IGY Marinas, a company who maintains 17 luxury marinas in 10 different countries.  Five of them are in the US.

Perks and security are two of the priorities at this luxury marina.  A portion of the perimeter fencing blew down with the wind gusts. This blogger managed to outsmart the storm affected fence making it easier to access the dock on which AUGUST MAVERIK is docked for the duration of the stormy weather.  The final barrier to the docks and the marina office, is the gangway gate.  It was not functioning due to the power outage.  The gate has an electrical locking system which rendered it useless following the storm and through which this blogger passed unencumbered.

A new water calming system (concrete wave attenuators)  made it much more easy to walk on the docks than previously – when it was known as Portland Yacht Services, under the ownership of Phineas Sprague, Jr.

There are 150 slips at this new marina.  There are ten or so spaces dedicated for mega yachts – yachts that are between 80 – 100 ft. long. Finishing touches on the mega yacht section are in the works. Specifically, that includes more bollards and power pedastles.  The latter includes wifi, water and security cameras.  If you are on one of the docks and not supposed to be, Pike, a Maine native,  will know about that.  A mega yacht currently docked at the marina is the AUGUST MAVERIK.   She is headed south for the charter season.

Although Fore Points appeared to survive the nor’easter well, that could not be said of the above tree on the nearby Eastern Promenade.