Flowers & Candy Sells Locally Made Small Batch Crafts


A Stunning Handbag Made Locally by Kurier.  $200.  It Also Comes in a Smaller Pouch Size For Much Less.

Eden, Son Samm 14,  and Drew Millecchia, Today at Flowers & Candy.

A Hand-stitched Dirigo Collection Handbag. Cost is $600.

Sandwiched  smack in the middle of  Ten Exchange Street in the Old Port is a gem of a boutique – Flowers & Candy.  Only three months old, it has already earned a reputation for heirloom quality leather, wood and silver jewelry gifts – perfect for a special person in your life.

“We have four different leather artists,” said Eden Millechia, co-owner with her husband, Drew, of Flowers & Candy.  Dirigo is another leather artist supplier – what makes them so unique and the “top of the line” is that all of their leather products are hand-stitched.  Dirigo. creates other leather products such as mouse pads, eye glass cases and small wallets – all hand-stitched!

If you are looking for hard-wood cheese boards or silver jewelry, Flowers & Candy can help you there as well.  BOH Small Batch supplies this retailer with a wide variety of options to choose from.

This small retail space in the heart of the Old Port of Portland packs a real wallop during the holiday gift giving season when time and quality matter!

Drew is a former business man and this is the couple’s first commercial enterprise together.

Jonathan Cohen is the landlord.

Flowers & Candy will be open Sunday, Monday and Christmas Eve until 7:00 pm. It opens at 11:00 am.

Please visit or call 207 747-5749.