Flatbread Company Hopes to Open Imminently; Another Restaurant for Sale


A Last Minute Rush to Prepare for Tomorrow’s city Inspection at Flatbread Co. Underway Today.

A Photo Taken on the Top of the Roof of Flatbread Where the Vent Fire Damaged the Roof.  The Fire Began on the Hood of the Vent at Flatbread.

Nate, Long-Time Kitchen Manager, This Afternoon.

When the popular waterfront restaurant will open depends on whom you talk to.  This afternoon Anthony Grenan, a representative for the owner, said the restaurant at 72 Commercial Street, will be inspected by the city in the late morning.  Nate, the long-time kitchen manager, said he hopes Flatbread will open before the weekend.  And if you call the restaurant, a recorded message says it will open at 11:00 am. tomorrow.

Nate emphasized he wants to be sure that the restaurant opens better than it was before.  (I can’t remember his exact words, sorry Nate)!

But the opening is expected to be imminent.

Manager Thomas Cancelliere  was troubleshooting the computer system this afternoon in anticipation of the inspection tomorrow.  Electricity had to be turned off after the fire last week.

Last Sunday afternoon Cancelliere said he is working with the city to open the space ASAP.  He has 120 employees and doesn’t want to lose any of them during this closure. Apparently, they have not lost any as of today.  “I’m impressed with how the Flatbread community has come together to get the place up and running,” said Jennings Leavell, bar tender.

By the way, the popular Congress Bar & Grill, 617 Congress Street, is for sale.  According to Kevin Goodall, manager, there are several offers on the table.  It’s been on the market for four months.  The owner is “done.” Twenty years of ownership is enough.