Falmouth By the Sea Reports Increase in COVID-19 Cases


A Sign at the Entrance to Falmouth by the Sea, Foreside Road.

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Dr. Shah, Director of the MaineCDC, reported this afternoon that there has been an increase in the number of deaths from COVID-19 since his last briefing. There are currently 35 deaths with an increase of confirmed cases to 875.  A figure not emphasized is that 4l4 individuals have recovered from this deadly virus;  an increase of 62 since Friday.

Long-term facilities continue to be a concern of MaineCDC as well as on a national basis.  Falmouth by the Sea, a private nursing home, 191 Foreside Avenue, is reporting an increase to fourteen (14) cases of the COVID-19.  Seven of that number are residents and the other seven are staff members.  Last week  the private nursing home  reported four (4) cases.

Dr. Shah said that sixty-two (62) orders of PPE were shipped out today with the emphasis on long-term facilities in Maine.  He did not offer any more specifics on which facilities received this PPE.

In response to a press question, Dr. Shah said that MaineCDC has received 15 Abbott testing machines.  One hundred and fifty test kits to be used by those machines were requested and assured by the government if their receipt by the government.  However, according to Dr.Shah only five (5) test kits were received.  Thanks to Martin’s Point Health, the supply of test kits has been boosted.  Martin’s Point has added 15 test kits to that supply.  Within each of those 15 kits, there is a capacity for performing 23 tests.

Meanwhile, Adam Bryan, of Ashton Gardens Gracious Retirement Living, Portland,  emailed mhn.com today that it has no additional confirmed cases of the COVID-19 since the four it reported earlier.  (Please see post herein dated April 18, 2020 for more information on that subject).

“We are in the middle of this.  Continue with social distancing.  Physical distancing continues to be the best vaccine against COVID-19,” Dr. Shah said.  He urged the protestors in Augusta to “stay safe.”

Please see post herein dated April 16, 2020 for more information on Falmouth by the Sea.


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  1. how sad..we closed the schools and the kids are not getting infected, but congregate care is paying the price by loosing precious elders…..especially cruel hearing of so many Veterans dying in congrgate care in Massachusetts. after all they suffered and it comes to this…we need to do better

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