Falmouth by the Sea Cases Remain Stable from Yesterday


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The Atrium, an Entrance to The Cedars, on Ocean Avenue, That has Reported COVID-19 Confirmed Cases.

David, a Resident of a Portland Senior Housing Community, Protects Others With His Colorful Bandana Made by a Friend.

The MaineCDC Director Dr. Shah reported at todays COVID-19 briefing that it is currently “focused on long-term” housing because the number of confirmed cases in that setting continues to increase daily.  There are currently five congregate settings that have reported outbreaks of the deadly virus recently.The Cedars, a retirement community on Ocean Avenue, is reporting an increase of four cases since yesterday, although no deaths have occurred there to date.  Falmouth by the Sea, a private nursing home, reported four confirmed cases of the coronavirus yesterday.  That number remains stable today.

Dr. Shah reported 2 additional deaths in Maine over yesterday -bringing the total to 29 deaths.  Both seniors were from Waldo County and both were women.  There are 827 reported cases of the deadly virus – an increase of 31 from yesterday.  The Augusta Center for Health and Rehabiation has reported 46 cases with 2 deaths. A total of fourteen staff members have been infected which is one more than yesterday.

Dr. Shah said this experience is bewildering for us all. “How do I feel. Confused, powerless?”  He acknowledged many are feeling grief for the lives they used to live – there is a change of habits that are replaced by nothing.  “Grief is not a problem to be solved.  Grieving routines we’ve lost and creating new ones is normal.  Reach out to someone.  Be open to sharing your own grief.  Be there for people.  Listening really matters, more than ever.  You may be the person someone reaches out to.  Please pick up the phone,” Dr. Shah counseled Mainers.

Please see the prior post herein on the outbreak of COVID-19 at Falmouth by the Sea, 191 Foreside Road, Falmouth.  Please also see the prior post herein on Hardshore Distillery’s Hand Sanitizing program dated April 10, 2020.