Fair Elections Portland Just Shy of Needed Signatures for Rank Choice Vote on Ballot


Anna Kellar, Executive Director of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections Recently.

Volunteers Pose for a Photo Inside City Hall With Boxes of Petitions for the Clerk’s Office to Certify on August 2, 2019.

The Fair Elections Portland concerted effort to get the rank choice voting issue on the November ballot has fallen short once again – this time by only 76 names according to the city’s clerk Katherine Jones this afternoon.  The non-profit “FEP” needed 6,655 valid signatures to get on the Portland ballot this fall.  In the first count, the group was off by 250 signatures.  This resubmission showed the group to be 76 names short.

Jones said that she and her staff worked late last night to get the final tally which was determined last night.  This morning certified letters on the shortfall were sent to ‘Anna Keller, executive director, (see above photo) and the group’s attorney John Branigan.  (MHN has been unable to locate Branigan for his reaction) Jones said that the difference in the counts was due to nicknames used by signers of the petitions and a difference in how two different sets of eyes see signatures.

The number of signatures at issue has changed significantly.  Originally, the number stated was 400,   Now it’s 250?

One wonders if a third count of the petitions would render a different outcome?

Jones also said that the issue has been placed on the city council agenda for Wednesday’s meeting that is replacing the usual meeting on Monday, Labor Day. However, the Dena Libner, of the Fair Elections Campaign, said she understands that it is off the city council agenda.  Who knows?

Please see posts herein dated August 25th and August 2, 2019 for more background information on the controversy.