Ethics Complaints in Mayoral Race to be Considered Following November Election


Gentrification of Portland Will Get a Green Light If the Brash Thibodeau is Elected  Mayor.

A Close-up of the Sign Referring to the Candidacy of Spencer Thibodeau for Mayor – Located on Munjoy Hill.

Paul Lavin, Assistant Director for the Maine Ethics Commission, said late this afternoon that the two complaints filed in the upcoming Mayoral election would not be considered by the Commission until after the election.

The Augusta-based Commission had been expected to at least place the matter on its agenda for tomorrow, if only, to discuss procedures to be followed, if not to consider the merits of the complaints.

Portland races are known for their nastiness and this mayoral race is proving to be no exception to that reputation.  One complaint was filed by the Ethan Strimling  Mayoral campaign against Unite Portland (a Political Action Committee) and the other has been filed by Unite Portland, (a coalition of developers, one of them soon to be my former landlord Justin Alfond), against the incumbent mayor’s  Ethan Strimling campaign

“Maine law permits the Portland city clerk’s office to make such referrals to the Ethics Commission  when the complaints involved are substantial in nature,” said Katherine Jones, in her transmittal letter to the Commission dated October 26, 2019.

On a personal note, the campaign of Unite Portland that demands loyalty to city manager Jon Jennings as the criteria for the next Mayor has sparked in this blogger a severe backlash not felt in a long time.   Jennings discredited those who disagree with him. Been there!  Experienced it!  No diverse opinions permitted from him or his mouth piece, the “Republican Press Herald.”

Too Trumpian!

For more background information, please see herein post dated September 16, 2019.