EDITORIAL: Henchman Blog Blasts Unfounded; Personal Crusade Not News Story


The Camera Shy, David Hench, reporter for the “PPH,” – Otherwise known as the “Henchman” herein.


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,228)

“I stand by my story,” I told Susan Young, managing editor for the “Bangor Daily News” yesterday.  Young was referring to a story I’d posted here stating that the city health inspector was no longer performing the job for which she was hired last year. That’s true! Not having any other information at hand when I wrote the post, I included some reasonable speculation from reasonable people as to why this change might have been made by the city.   I never suggested that Sturgeon had been fired because it never occured to me.  I did say that if anyone read that into my, that’s their mistake! A complete reading of the  story, down to the last line, will tell readers why I still “stand by my story.”  After explaining to Young why “I stand by my story,” she  accepted it.  Young was doing her job.  (For several months now, mhn.com has been hosted on the BDN website, although it remains an independent entity.)

In a dramatic shift in thought, I’ve noticed all over Portland’s east end  signs of holiday spirit emerging – including families preparing for holiday reunions, bright decorations in store fronts, at the Ft. Allen Bandstand on the Eastern Promenade,   craft fairs and musical celebrations of the season.  Unfortunately, that holiday spirit  bypassed  the cubicles of the Henchman and his editor at the “Portland Press Herald” offices.   I do hope that the spirit of the season will backtrack over their cubicles soon and  sprinkle so much mirth and holiday spirit over their heads, both gentlemen  will grin and smile through the holiday season.

Bloggers are due lots of criticism. There is no denying that.  But looking on the bright side and speaking for myself only, (who The Henchman was clearly targeting in his disparaging news story, since he only mentioned me by name and not my blog),  there is this to consider:  I don’t have the headaches that in-print newspapers do.  I don’t depend on advertising revenue to keep posting.  I’m not struggling to break even. There are no stressful deadlines for this blogger to meet, there is no competition from colleagues for top page placement and I certainly don’t struggle to find good news stories. My biggest headache is finding the time to write all the good stories I want to. What’s wrong with that deal?

Finally,  I know the difference between a news story and a personal crusade against my blog. I know not to blur the demarcation between an unedited news story and an editorial.  Maybe David Henchman needs a blog.  The opportunities for self-expression are limitless.

Much of the above spirit of the season, as well as  being affiliated with such a well-managed publication as the “Bangor Daily News”, brings smiles to my face and laughter to my voice  – that will no doubt last well into the New Year! 

Please see  Post # 1,227  for background information and what led the Henchman to his diatribe about the munjoyhillnews.com.