Eastern Cemetery Master Plan Gets Enthusiastic Approval from Planning Board


City employee Troy Moon, Barbara Hager, Chair of the Master Plan Committee for Spirits Alive and Michael Bobinsky, Director, Public Services Department - All Smiles Following the Planning Boad Meeting.

By Carol McCracken (Post # 110)

Last Tuesday the city’s planning board gave enthusiastic approval to the Master Plan for the Eastern Cemetery presented to it by an all volunteer organization Spirits Alive and the city’s Department of Public Services.

The approval was considered a slum dunk by many because the planning board, at its prior meeting last month, had no issues with the master plan. Rather it was highly praised for its historical and technical content. The plan was prepared by the Chicora Foundation, Inc. in South Carolina. It will be available on the internet as soon as the city council approves the plan which could come as soon as next month, according to Mike Bobinsky, Director, Department of Public Services for the city.

Planning board member Bill Hall called the plan a “great example of citizen involvement.” Board member David Silk called it “fantastic” and Carol Morrisette, board chair concurred.

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