East End Community School Fence in Delightful Bloom!


Fifth Grade Students at East End Community School Place Homemade Flowers on the Fence This Morning.  Ms. Crossman is Their Teacher.

A Close up of the All-Weather Flowers on the Fence at the East End Community School, North Street, on Munjoy Hill.

Nina Naylor, an Artist and Parent of Three Students at EECS, Mounts All-Weather Colorful Blooms on a Fence Under Sunny Skies Today.

“Maine in the winter is a very dark and gray place.  The idea of covering this fence with homemade flowers came about because of this.  It’s been hard to feel connected with others during this pandemic,” said Nina Naylor, who organized this floral display on the East End Community School (EECS) playground fence that started yesterday.

The English Ms. Naylor has three children who have attended EECS.  “This is a very inclusive community,” she said.

Ms. Naylor enlisted the assistance of volunteers to make roses, magnolias, narcissus, peonies and cosmos from fabric she provided them.   Volunteers started yesterday mounting the all-weather blooms on the fence, but part way through ran out of them.  Last night Ms. Naylor put some more together that she was mounting today on the fence under sunny skies although a strong wind prevailed.  In total, 450 fabric flowers were mounted on the fence – one for each student, teacher and staff member at EECS.

Ten students from Ms. Crossman’s fifth grade class had picked the flower they wanted to mount on the fence before coming out to do so.  Ms. Crossman said that the day before ten other students from her class had gone through a similar process.  Her students  at EECS are learning following the hybrid model – thus accounting for the smaller size of each group.

The floral display is intended as a welcome to spring – that arrives on Saturday, March 20, 2021.

The floral display will be in place until May 2021.  The public is invited to come by and take a photograph in front of the floral display.