East Cove Townhouses Proposed for Washington Avenue by Developer Ron Gan

From Casales Auto Sales...

From Casale’s Auto Sales…

...to East Cove Townhouses??

…to (14) East Cove Townhouses??


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,165)

Business partners Ron Gan and Jed Rathband filed an application for a zone change last week for their proposed mixed development – 14 townhouses and a separate commercial building – with the city’s planning office.   No workshop has been scheduled to date for the change from an R-6 to an B2B zoning change.

East Cove Townhouses would be composed of four buildings at 145 Washington Avenue., which is currently home to Casale’s Auto Sales and Service.  A commercial building would be on the street front with three other buildings surrounding it, according to a sketch at the planning office.  Hill resident Barbara Vestal is attorney for the proposed development and the architect is PDT.

Gan is the developer of the high-end Federal Street Condominiums.  Following that he ran a food cart called – Skinny BBQ.  He was an early supporter of the food truck concept in Portland.  Two years ago last month,  he tried unsuccessfully to develop property he had purchased on Sumner Court – a secluded lot off of North Street.  Gan ran into difficulties and ultimately embarrassed himself when he tried to convince the zoning board of appeals that he owned the narrow dirt road that led into his secluded land off North Street. A North Street neighbor showed up with a deed to the old road which is shared by the city.  Gan has an easement over the property only.

Jed Rathband is a real estate broker with Keller Williams.  Previously he ran for Mayor of Portland.  According to Gan today, Rathband is the media contact person and is out-of-town currently.

It is generally conceded and has been for some time now, that there is a slump in the local condominium market.  Just why and when it will end is an unknown.