Downed Line on Fore Street Causes Power Outage on Munjoy Hill


Waring Cutler, Field Supervisor for Turner Construction, on the Telephone This Morning.

Long-Time Munjoy Hill Resident Kevin Brown Sports a Face Covering That Declares Him a Social Distancing Champ!

The Bottom of Pole 11 on Fore Street Where the Fire Occurred This Morning.  The Pole is Across from Munjoy South Apartments in Front of the WEX Headquarters Building.

Waring Cutler, Field Supervisor for Turner Construction Company, saw a high wire shaking violently across from his work place around 10:00 am this morning.

The shaking wire dropped to the ground and caught on fire in front of Pole 11 on Fore Street.

Mr. Cutler was working at the under construction Shipyard Brewery development when he saw it happen.  The fire was about 3 feet high in size. He immediately called 911.  And then he spent the next hour or so redirecting traffic from the area so workmen could restore power to Munjoy Hill.

The entire grid had to be shut down to permit  workers to splice the wire back together according to Phil Sanford, field director for Turner Construction, who happened to be in the area at the time.

“Someone said a bird landed on the wire, but I don’t know if that is accurate,” said Mr. Sanford.  Power on the Hill was returned before noon as expected.