Do You Want Munjoy Hill to be Designated as Portland’s 12th Historic District? Please Speak Up!


The Tour Begins at 138 Congress Street on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

T-Shirt Created by Freddie Haynes of East End Screen Printing on Washington Avenue.

The public is invited to join a tour on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at 5:00 pm, conducted by the Portland Historic Preservation Board, of Munjoy Hill. The tour will start at the Portland Observatory, 138 Congress Street.

The purpose of this tour is to familiarize members of the Historic Preservation Board with the properties  included in the proposed Munjoy Historic District and to review the district’s draft boundaries. The Board will not be deliberating on the matter and public comment will not be taken.

If you are interested in expressing your view on this proposal because you believe you have not had ample opportunity to do that, please feel free to do just that on-line.  Accordingly, you may take an on-line survey, sign a petition and read a document on the pros and cons at:  For the petition, please go to: Please don’t forget to sign the petition if you agree with it – that’s important.

Many on the HIll consider such a designation to be an unwanted intrusion on their lives by city government.  Such a designation could force some home owners to flee the HIll, a trend that the city has already supported.