Digital Imaging for Revaluation Begins Next Week in Portland; Cost Over One Million Dollars


On Monday, April 8, 2019 the street-level digital imagery part of the 2019 Revaluation Project will begin. Portland has contracted Tyler Technologies to digitally photograph the exterior of every property in the city and validate addresses and exterior data.

Correct up-to-date property information is crucial to ensure fair and equitable property values in the revaluation process. Many of our currently used photos are more than ten years old. The digital photos will help improve the overall quality of the city’s real estate data, save taxpayers money by making the property tax administration process more efficient, assist homeowners and businesses with “before” photos in case of loss, enhance emergency management recovery reports necessary for state and federal assistance and validate property addresses to identify homes for the police and medical emergency response.

The work entails two white vans, clearly-marked, that will be driving around the city and taking photos of every property. All photographs are taken from public right-of-way whenever possible. Project members will access private roads/lanes only when necessary to obtain an unobstructed image. The project is expected to take five weeks according to the city’s spokeswoman.

Erasmo Benitez and Ligon Durham are the two staff from Tyler Technology who will be driving the vans. One van is a 2016, Chevrolet City Express van with Ohio plates and the other van is a 2016, Ford Transit Connect van with Missouri plates. Both staff persons will have picture ID badges that identify them as City of Portland Assessor’s Office Personnel and both vehicles will be identified with magnetic signage. Additionally, both vehicles will have information flyers to hand out to anyone that approaches them or asks questions. The Portland Police Department is aware of this work and will be notified of the vans expected locations each day.

For more information, please call the Assessor’s Office Revaluation Hotline at 207 – 874-8763.