Daniel Minter Teaches Acceptance Through Art; Opening June 15th


Kathryn Yates, Organizer of the Maine Women’s March, Portland in 2017;  Artist Daniel Minter; and Alice Spencer, Chair of the TEMPOart Board.

William Ward, (Center) and His Mother Aimee Petrin (Right) Receive Some Initial Guidance from Artist Daniel Minter – Before William Got to Work.  (See Below Left Photo of William).

William Ward Demonstrates the Process Described Herein.

Barbara Smith, a photographer and Munjoy Hill resident, with Daniel Minter Today

To hear artist Daniel Minter tell it, he really didn’t do much toward today’s Community Painting Party behind the basketball courts at the corner of Anderson and Fox Streets today.  But it was clear that a lot of preparation went into the Party that the popular artist modestly didn’t talk about. His fingerprints were all over it!

The public was invited to join him in painting five tall sculptures made of wood.  Minter made stencils of sponges in numerous different patterns.  Then the “artist” for the moment applied one of five different colorful paints to the stencil with a minature roller brush.  Then those stencils were applied fo the sculptures in creative patterns.

The public is invited to attend the installation of these sculptures at Fox Field on June 15th from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.   The five waterproofed structures will be installed along the pathway behind Fox Field where they will remain for one year – in accordance with TEMPOart guidelines.

Today’s event was a prelude to a series of dinners prepared by immigrant chefs this summer that are free to the public.  These series of events are paid for privately, but we do welcome and appreciate donations said Board member, Kathryn Yates (see top left photo).

Alice Spencer, Chair of the Board of TEMPOart, said this installation is the third the non-profit has hosted since its formation.  The first was the “American Dream” that stood in Lincoln Park for a year.  It is now in storage locally and available to the right group.  The second installation was in Post Office Park in the Old Port.  Called “Occupied Wall”, it was made of boxes that permitted the public to rearrange them to create their own sculptures or furniture.  It was created by Christian Prash, a local artist two year ago.

Minter said that he intends to enter the competition to design a memorial to Martin Luther King for Portland.