Court Sets Timetable for Friends of Congress Square Plaza Lawsuit Against Portland


By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,531)

The Cumberland County Superior Court Justice Joyce A. Wheeler has issued an order that sets a  briefing schedule and oral argument date in the matter of Friends of Congress Square Park vs. the City of Portland according to a press release issued this afternoon by one of the non-profits two attornies, Rob H. Levin. Late last month the non-profit filed a lawsuit against the City of Portland that would enable the non-profit to pursue its right to file a Citizens’ Iniative.  The ruling will permit volunteers for the group to start gathering signatures on Election Day, November 5th. If the effort is successful, the matter will go to a referendum where the public can vote on a referendum on the Land Bank law.

“Yes, Frends of Congress Square Park is thrilled with this expedites time frame.  It’s just what we were hopin for. If we prevail and the Court rules in late October, we will be able to start gathering sitnatures on Election Daa, November, 5,” Levin responded in an email to this blog. According to Levin, the court followed his request  to expedite the matter so signatures could be collected immediately.

However, according to the city’s Director of Communications, Nicole Clegg, that is not correct.  In an email to this blog, Clegg said:  Attorney Levin’s request for an expedited preliminary injunction process was not granted.”