Colucci’s Market to be Renamed: The Hilltop Superette When It Reopens

Casco Bay Roofing Employees Wokring on the Roof Top Today

Casco Bay Roofing Employees Working on the Roof Top Today at Colucci’s.

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 1,652)

Few will forget the early morning two-alarm fire that struck Colucci’s Market on the Hill in early March of this year.  The arsonist who set the fire on the second floor of the building was caught as he left the building and taken to jail.  The popular convenience store on the Hill has been closed ever since.

About five months and many rumors later, the building was sold to a local landlord,  Bill Simpson.   According to a report which aired on WMPG Radio today at 1:00 pm., Sam Bullock interviewed Simpson.  He told her that the new convenience store should be open in several months.  Roofers from Casco Bay Roofers  started replacing the roof this week. It could take several weeks to accomplish. Roofers  had to stop work late this afternoon due to the worsened weather conditions. Roofers had to chain themselves to stable parts of the room to protect them from a serious fall because of the very icey conditions on the roof.

Bill Simpson told Bullock that the market will be renamed to The Hilltop Superette.  It is rumored that the top two floors of the building will be converted from rentals to three condominiums; one of the top floor and two on the second floor.   It’s  not known whether or not the recently completed wall mural will be kept.  The mural was painted by Hill resident Eric Giddings and financed by Shipyard Brewery.

It is hoped that the market will open sometime in February 2014.

The building was formerly owned by Bridgette and Tony Jacobsky, of Portland and Florida.