Collins Votes to Cover-up a Crooked President for Political Gain


Collins’ Empty Chair at Rally at Portland Public Library. The Forum was Hosted by 16 Counties Coalition, a non-profit.

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Senator Susan Collins (D) did the unthinkable today.   She voted with other Republicans in a cover-up of the Crooked Trump when she voted to acquit him in the Senate trial that was cut short by Moscow Mitch to prevent the truth from coming out.  Governor Mitt Romney (R) Utah was the only Republican to buck Moscow Mitch and vote his conscious.  Collins has no conscious – only her fear of Trump and what he could do to her November re-election campaign.

Collins’s stunning vote, although not a surprise, was overshadowed by her explanation for her position:  “I believe he learned a lesson and will be cautious in the future.  He’s been impeached and that’s a pretty big lesson,” she said of Trump in a CBS television interview with Norah O’Donnell.  Following her comment Trump responded:  “I did nothing wrong.”  Her comment has made the rounds of television news stations, both cable and otherwise – with laughter and jokes to follow.  Maine has made the national news, but for all the wrong reasons. “ByeBye Susan”

Maine has numerous challenges to overcome as it is, image included.  Mainers don’t need Collins’ childish reasoning to pile on top of other challenges to overcome here.  A no-show Senator who supports a crooked president is not to be taken seriously by anyone of consequence. She’s an embarrassment and insult to Maine and the intelligent people who live here.  No-Show Collins needs to be replaced by House Speaker Sara Gideon this November.  “ByeBye Susan”

Senator Sean Maloney (D-NY) said Collins “rolls over like the others in the Senate.  This is nonsense over the truth,” he said of Collins on cable news yesterday.  No-show is in over her head and it shows because she is  making poor decisions as a result.

“I don’t know how anyone could not vote for conviction,” said Senator Angus King (I-ME) in several cable news interviews over the last few days, although he did not mention Collins by name.  King is an attorney who once served as a television host on Maine Public Television before seeking public office.  As Governor, he was best known for introducing computers to public classrooms.

Even Bill Nemitz, a columnist for the Republican Press Herald, wrote in part recently about No-Show: “…..Or maybe vote “present” in the hope it will satisfy both ends of her ever-shrinking base.  It won’t.  And long after this national trauma passes into history, Maine’s Susan Collins will be forever remembered not for her courage, but for her capitulation.”  On December 31st, 2017, Nemitz in a Maine Sunday Telegram article,  nominated Collins as the Mainer of the year.

“ByeBye Susan.”

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