Collins’ Re-election Money Comes from Trump Supporters

“Senator Collins: We are Coming for your Seat,” Mainers for Accountable Leadership.

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) Q-1 report reveals a $4.4 million coffer with donors from known backers of President Trump like billionaire Robert Mercer. Also, Collins received more itemized contributions from lobbyists, sixteen (16) then from Mainers, fifteen (15). That speaks volumes about her support from her constituents according to a press release issued by Marie Follayttar, co-director of Mainers for Accountable Leadership, PAC. (Robert Mercer is a former hedge fund owner and formerly owned shares in Bretbart News. He allegedly donated $25. million to the Trump 2016 campaign).

“Collins campaign is funded by special interest and corporate PAC money. Her opponent has a $4.1 million warchest built up by people power and small donor donations. While 160,000 Americans donated an average $25. Collins’ FEC report reveals 99% of her donations come from PACs and big dollar donors. Collins’ constituents are big pharma and oil, not the people who voted for her or the people she was elected to represent. Mainers deserve a leader who represents the people,” wrote Follayttar in the same email.

The Crowdpac “Be a Hero” campaign during the Kavanaugh confirmation process was pioneered by “Be A Hero”. Mainers for Accountable Leadership and Maine People’s Alliance Browpac was so overloaded by pledges the day Senator Collins announced her support for Brett Kavanaugh that the site crashed ended Follayttar in her press release.

Senator Collins is not a moderate as she likes to brand herself with the national cable news and with the Portland Press Herald. She’s a card carrying member of the far right.

“Senator Collins: We are coming for your seat,” Mainers for Accountable Leadership.For more information, please email

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