City to Beautify Barricades in Old Port of Portland; But Are They Safe?


A Barricade on Exchange Street to Benefit from the Beautification Program To Come.

The City of Portland has just announced that it is now undertaking a long-term plan to beautify the ugly street closure barricades in the Old Port of Portland.  (Someone forgot to install barbed wire on the top).

The city is looking at a variety of options, including planters, in order to add greenery.  It is expected that the new and improved barricades will be installed within the next few weeks.

“A lot of restaurants won’t make it through this pandemic,” said Joe Bean, chef at Bayside American Cafe, Portland Street,  recently.  He estimated that about 20% of existing restaurants won’t make it through.”

But will the barricade beautification program attract tourists to the “pilot” retail program that is hurting so badly in the Old Port?  Has the City considered another “paint the barricade” competition among artists?

The real question here is:  Are these barricades safe?  Do emergency city vehicles have sufficient access to deal with any crisis that should happen within its boundaries?  Fire?  Health issues?