City Social Services Manager Fired for Failure to Perform Duties


Dave MacLean Fired from Social Services Manager Earlier This Month.

David MacLean, Portland’s social services manager,  was fired from his responsibilities immediately in a letter dated May 15, 2019 because of his failure to perform his duties as required..  The blunt two-page letter signed by interim director of Health & Human Services, Kristen Dow, wrote that he was supposed to carry out his responsibilities with “consideration, independence and judgment” …. “something that you have demonstrated you are unable to do.”

MacLean was also accused of not responding sufficiently to accusations of abuse from city staff at the city’s shelter – saying he had given staff the tools needed to deal with the issues before them at the city’s shelter.

“No,” emailed the city’s spokeswoman. Jessica Grondin, when asked if MacLean was fired for being a whistleblower about the planned 150 bed shelter as has been reported elsewhere. was unable to connect with MacLean’s attorney today to see what future steps may be taken, if any.