Cianbro Construction Site in Augusta Reporting COVID-19 Outbreak


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Jim Brady’s Fathom Hotel Project,   on Commercial Street. Is Under Construction by Cianbro.  Brady is a Resident of Munjoy Hill.

A Cianbro construction site in Augusta is reporting multiple cases of the COVID-19 said an official of the company late this afternoon at the construction site on Fore Street, Portland.  The project manager said he had heard of the outbreak in Augusta, but was unfamiliar with the details.  He said the Fore Street site in Portland is unaffected by the outbreak.  That is good news for Munjoy Hill residents.

At the daily briefing of the Maine CDC, Dr. Nirav Shaw, its Director, said today that nationwide there have been outbreaks in construction sites of the COVID-19.  He said that an investigation has just begun to determine the source or origin of the virus in Augusta. Construction workers from out-of-state have recently reported to the Augusta Cianbro site.  Whether or not these out-of-state employees are the origin of the virus has yet to be determined.

As out-of-staters, should they have been required to quarantine themselves for 14-days as the Governor’s Executive Order requires?

This begs the question:  does the fact that these Cianbro employees from out-of-state are part of the “essential” workforce enable them to circumvent the state’s 14-day quarantine policy?

Or, are “essential” workers from out-of-state exempt from Governor Mills’ Executive Order requiring out-of-staters to quarantine themselves for 14 days?  The Governor’s Executive Order did not exempt anyone entering the state from elsewhere from the 14-day quarantine it should be noted.