Celebrate the December 20 Solstice at Historic Sumner Park on the Hill


Ft. Sumner Park, North Street, Following the Recent Snow Storm on the Hill.  A Woman Walks Her Three Dogs in the Park on the Right. 

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There is no good reason not to celebrate the December 20 Solstice at Sumner Park – assuming the weather cooperates and there is a sunset!  Please arrive at 3:30 pm and the sunset is at 4:06 pm. That is the invitation from the Friends of Sumner Park who are hosting the annual event.  There are lots of good reasons to attend; some are listed below.

There will be hot cocoa and warm cider to help warm you up should it be needed according to historian Herb Adams, who is on the Board.

There will be a poetry reading by award-winning Portland writers Tim Gillis and Megana Grumbling, music will be provided by Sally Trice with her accordion, candlelight, fellowship and the promise of spring to come!  Free and open to all.

The Friends of Ft. Sumner Park also invited everyone to the Bicentennial Summer Solstice in June of 2020 in the same spot.  Bring your camera for great photos!