Casco Bay Lines Ignores Islanders by Voting for Larger Ferry

Robin Clarke, Who Manages the Ragge Sunday Summertime Event that Clogs the Ferry Terminal on Sunday Afternoons in Portland.

This morning the Board of Directors voted to support a larger vessel to run between the Port of Portland and Peaks Island, but also voted to mildly restrict the number of passengers permitted on the vessel at a time. The vessel that is expected to hold 599 passengers will be permitted to transport 499 to the Island and 599 on the return trip to Portland – which basically thumbs it’s nose at the concerns of Peaks Islanders.

Chris Hoppin, at Today’s Meeting at the Casco Bay Lines Conference Room, Portland.

Following the meeting, Clarke said: “No. People are going to come no matter what time,” when asked if her business on the Island influenced her support for the larger vessel. She manages the Ragge Sunday Event on Sundays at Jones Landing in the summer time. Chris Hoppin, a Peaks resident, said he supported a larger vessel because it is a “public utility.”

One Peaks Island resident pointed out that residents are taxpayers whose money is being used to fund a larger ferry to support businesses like Jones Landing.  Why doesn’t Robin Clarke charter her own boat, perhaps from Casco Bay Lines, for these summer special events.  Why impose these expenses on the residents who have little or no interest in the summer events at Jones Landing?

City Councilor Belinda Ray did not attend this morning’s meeting nor has she had any comment for her constituents on Peaks Island so far.

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