Cafe With Star Power Opening on Market Street Next Year

Michelle Corry, co-owner of 555 Congress Street

Michelle Corry, co-owner of 555 Congress Street

By Carol McCracken  (Post # 2,208)

The green “For Rent” sign that had occupied a lower left corner of the window for months was gone.   In its place, was a red sign with large white letters  that stated:  LEASED.  What new business is going in at 46 Market Street?

Inside the spacious site was Michelle Corry, a co-owner of 555 Congress Street, the 5-star restaurant in downtown Portland., She graciously told  that a cafe will be opening  sometime next year at 46 Market Street, at the corner of Milk Street,  in the Old Port area. Corry had recently leased the first floor of the corner building across from the Portland Regency Hotel and on the fringes of the Old Port.

Details are incomplete and preliminary at this time, but  the as yet unnamed cafe will serve three meals a day, seven days a week and will be moderately priced.  Wine and beer will be served, although the cafe has not yet applied for its license.

Market Street has long been a stepchild of the more affluent shops located on Exchange Street, parallel to Market Street.  This new cafe could spark interest in development along this underdeveloped area.