“ByeBye Susan” Magnets for Sale at The Paper Patch in the Old Port


ByeBye, Susan magnets can be purchased online. Click HERE for more information

“ByeBye Susan” Magnets for Sale  at The Paper Patch for $3.50 Each.  They are Used on Cars or Wherever you Want to Express Your Discontent With Her Loyalty to Trump & Disloyalty to Mainers.

Bianka and David Cox Were Collecting Signatures for a Petition in Downtown Portland. The Petition Urges Collins to Allow Witnesses and Documents During the Senate Trial. “She does what McConnell allows her to do,” said Bianka. The Ten Pages With 25 signatures on Each Page Will be Forwarded to her DC Office Shortly.

No-show Collins’ Empty Chair at a Rally at Portland Public Library Hosted by 16 Counties Coalition, a non-profit – Last Year.


Due to popular demand, the magnetic strips with “ByeBye Susan” messages will be for sale at The Paper Patch, 21 Exchange Street, in the Old Port of Portland on Saturday, January 25, 2019 for $3.50 each.

The designer/distributor of these residue free magnetic messages has sold close to 3,000 of them to date.  A retired city planner from the Philadelphia area who now lives on the northeastern coast of Maine, he developed his first batch of 25 several years ago.  He took them to a dinner party to show his friends. They were a hit.  The rest is history.  He wanted the magnet to be obtuse, but not enough to be offensive to people.  “This is not about me,” he said asking that his identity not be revealed in this post.

These magnetic strips have become increasingly popular as Senator Susan Collins’ (R-)  trustworthiness  continues to decline because of her support for big corporations and her fear of Trump rather than her loyalty to her constituents in Maine.

A new television ad with little exposure here, calls Collins “worried, concerned and troubled.”  But she is not an “independent” the ad says as she likes to brand herself.  This blogger saw the ad recently on cable news. As Trump’s trial continues and she does nothing to hold him accountable for his behavior in Ukraine and elsewhere, that branding as a moderate and independent is long gone and only reinforced by her refusal to be a leader in the Senate.

While she was offended by the “approach” of Senator Jerry Nadler (D), so many Mainers are offended by her assertion that Dr. C. B. Ford was assaulted by someone but not Kavanaugh as she claimed at the time of his hearings.  Women know full well who assaulted them.  Those horrific experiences remain seared in the memories of women, Senator.

The downsizing REPUBLICAN PRESS HERALD has had to grasp at bits and pieces of  straws in its on-going pr campaign to get “No-Show” Collins re-elected this November.  No-show was “troubled” at Nadler’s “approach” so she sent Chief Justice Roberts a note reflecting her feelings. T’hat note led to an admonishment by Roberts to the attorneys making presentations to the Senate she believes. Don’t make me laugh at the absurdity of this revelation by the local, daily referred to above. In other words, however, No Show Collins is not offended by the behavior of the “Orange Menace?” Grasping at bits and pieces of straws is the only way to assist this most unpopular Senator keep her Senate seat – the public seat that she never occupies in southern Maine anyway.

“ByeBye Susan.”  It only costs $3.50 at The Paper Patch.  What a deal!