Boston Graduate School Set to Open in Fall on Munjoy Hill


The Parking Garage Largely for WEX Employees, 100 Fore Street, is Believed to be the New Site for the Roux Institute on the East End of Portland.

President of Northeastern University, Joseph E. Aoun, with Benefactors Barbara and David Roux.

The Roux Institute at Northeastern University will open its doors this fall at a WEX building, currently under construction. according to an announcement yesterday from the Boston University.  A large garage with office space and a prime view of  Portland harbor is under construction at 100 Fore Street and scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer according to Cianbro construction workers.

Roux Institute, named for its benefactor and his wife, David (a Lewiston, Maine native) and Barbara Roux, will offer master’s degrees and certificate programs in computer science, data analysis and advanced life sciences, including biotechnology and bioinformatics.  The Institute is focused primarily on the needs of students, employers and employees in Maine.

The Institute’s  curriculum and research programs are being developed in concert with its corporate partners, who have been discussing their talent needs with our leaders, as well as with faculty from the College of Engineering, College of Science and the Khoury College of Computer Sciences.

The Institute will also feature an experiential doctoral program that is built around internships, fellowships and other special initiative programs focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Currently, curriculum development is focused in three areas:  1) life sciences and medicine, 2) engineering, and 3) data visualization.

Employees of WEX and other partners will be among the first students at the innovative hub, which is designed to drive sustained economic growth in Portland that will reverberate throughout Maine and northern New England.

“Our partnership with WEX shows that even in the midst of a global pandemic, Maine’s people and businesses are committed to maintaining the momentum we set forth together earlier this year,” said Joseph E. Aoun, president of Northeastern University.  “We are launching a new model of higher education in Maine.  The research and teaching agendas will be developed based on the needs and expectations of our corporate partners.  The blueprint for innovation that we created together remains unchanged, thanks in great measure to Maine’s agility and spirit of innovation.”

Northeastern University, Boston, is well known for its defining co-op department –  giving students an opportunity for job experience while attending college and an opportunity to earn money to help pay their college expenses.  Years ago, is proud to say, she was employed in the co-op department at Northeastern University.