Bolton Book Sales Brisk at Sherman’s Books in Old Port


“The Room Where it Happened,” by John Bolton, Former National Security Advisor of the US. Cost is $32.50.

The Names of Black People Killed by Police are Memoralized in the Crosswalk at the Corner of North and Walnut Streets on the Hill.

“How to be an Anti-Racist” Whose Author is the Same as the Bestseller “Stamped from the Beginning”

Sales of John Bolton’s controversial new book were brisk today at Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shop according to a store employee this afternoon. The memoir by a former advisor to President Trumpy has received unusual publicity because of Trumpy’s failed effort to stop its publication because it allegedly contained classified information.

“People are rediscovering their love of reading because of all the free time they have,” said Marion, an employee of Sherman’s, 49 Exchange Street.  She added that books from African-American authors have become enormously popular recently – both novels and non-fiction.  The book “White Frigility” sold out very quickly and has been ordered again.  “How to be an Anti-Racist” is almost out of stock.  In fact, more than half of the current Indie Book Sellers authors are black Marion said.  The killing of George Floyd last month has been the catalyst for this.

“I don’t know how they can write these so quickly,” said Michael Schack this afternoon on Exchange Street, although it was known that Bolton, an attorney, took copious notes of his experiences at the White House where he repeatedly referred White House employees to “tell it to the attorney.” “I don’t want Bolton to get a penny from my wallet. There’s nothing new here,” said Michael Schack.  “There is no need for any more junk about Trump.”  The last time he voted was for President Clinton in his first term.

One Trump supporter who did not want to be identified said he’d never heard of the book.  A man from Indiana said Bolton is “nuts” because he knows people who know him.  “I would not read it because it is very duplicitous.  It’s about politicians making promises they won’t keep.  I don’t think Bolton would tell the truth because he has an agenda of his own.  The furtherance of himself,” said Neill Currie.  (See above left photo).

“I’m so overwhelmed reading about his incompetence that I wouldn’t get any joy from reading it,” said Lia Horton, a college librarian who works from home, of the new Bolton book.

For, the purchase of the hardliner Bolton book, as controversial as he is, is another form of protest against the corrupt Trumpy and his corrupt Administration. Both rank below water on this blogger’s scale – but Trumpy ranks far below Bolton.  Trumpy is a known lier; Bolton not so much.