UPDATE: Bob’s Clam Hut Coming to East End Maybe the First Week of July


Co-owner MIchael Landgarten of Bob’s Clam Hut Today in Portland. Behind  Him Employees are Mounting the Menu on a Wall.

The Menu at Bob’s Clam Hut.

Outdoor Seating at the New Bob’s Clam Hut, 109 Cumberland Avenue is Ready!

Michael Landgarten is no stranger to the restaurant business.  He’s been in the business all of his adult life he said early this afternoon as he was at his newest seafood venue at the corner of Cumberland and Washington Avenues before attending a meeting in Portland.

When this newest seafood “Hut” opens, possibly on Saturday, June 30th, it will be Michael’s  second.  The first Bob’s is located in Kittery.  Another enormously popular venue of his is Lil’s Cafe, Kittery.

There will be beer available as well, although MIchael wasn’t certain about wine.  Landgarten has an excellent reputation as a businessman in Kittery according to a source familiar with his restaurants.  He is good to his employees and well-respected in the communities he serves.

Formerly it was the site of Three Buoys.  Extensive improvements to the site have been made.