Blog Back on Line After Unnecessary Pause


“Matt” – Part of the Geek Squad of Best Buy – a New Computer is Not Needed to Continue Blogging.

No, this blogger has not been sick!

No, this blogger did not get fed up with Senator No-show Collins and quit blogging or move to Canada!

Rather, this blogger with no technical skills or interest was having difficulty almost two weeks ago.  Well meaning people told me I had to purchase a new computer because this one was old and worn out.  I purchased a new lap top at Best Buy.  No one could get it up and running for me.  Geeks from Best Buy to the Rescue.

Matt arrived several hours ago today.  Very quickly he told me that I did not need a new computer.  Matt fiddled with the old desktop sitting on the floor of my apartment because I hadn’t figured out yet how to dispose of it. A wire that needed to be hooked up to an electrical outlet was not – it was that simple and yet that complicated – so is back on-line – with its very own perspective on the news!

Thank you Matt.  You’ve restored my sanity!  You are also my hero!